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Default Tournament Overview & Rules

Tournament Overview and Rules

In LIVE, we have a multitude of tournament options for you to enjoy. As a new player sometimes these may look daunting and difficult to understand.

Below is some basic information to help you navigate through our tournament lists.

To access the tournament screen, click on any of the tournament kiosks located throughout the game. There are five tabs on the tournament screen, Slots, Tables, Poker, Guild and Special.

Slot Tournaments

There are several different types of slot tournaments available to play. On the list you will see, 1 hr, 3 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr, and WS, as well as those which start at specific times..

The hourly tournaments run for the period posted, for instance one hr. At any time during that open period you can enter it and play your round. Once the tournament period ends, the winner will be determined.

NOTE: If you are booted from a slot tournament, you cannot re-enter it with the same player name. If it is a multi-hour tournament, you must wait till the time limit is up for the player you already entered, before entering with a different player name.

Be sure before you enter that you note the time it ends so that you are sure to have enough time to play your round. If you enter when it has five minutes left till it ends, you won't get to play your full round.

The WS is a winning spin tournament. This means the player who has the most winning spins during the tournament will be determined the winner.

The other slot tournaments have set start and end times. They will show Upcoming under Status and if you highlight one, it will show the information about it, including entry fee and start time, in the window to the right of the tournament screen.
Different types of special slot tournaments are explained at the bottom of this document.

Table Tournaments

On the table tournament tab, there will be a list of upcoming table tournaments. To enter one, simply highlight it and click Enter Tournament. When it begins, you will get a pop up to go to the tournament.

Poker Tournaments

On the poker tournament tab, there will be a list of upcoming poker tournaments. To enter one, simply highlight it and click Enter Tournament. When it begins, you will get a pop up to go to the tournament.

Also on the Poker tournament tab are sit n go tournaments. They will be listed at the top of the tournament schedule. What it means is that when there are 6-8 players entered, it begins immediately.

Guild Tournaments

Under the guild tournament tab, you will see the tournaments being held for your guild, if you belong to one.

There are inner guild tournaments for just your guild players, and also guild vs guild tournaments that you play against other guilds.

Special Tournaments

Each day, we host special tournaments that you can enter and win prizes ranging from additional money, VIP, tournament and quest coins, to free slot downloads.

Below is a brief explanation of the types of daily tournaments we host.

24 Hr. Qualifiers- Each day, Wed-Monday, there is a 24 hr qualifier posted for play. If you qualify in one of these daily 24 hr tourneys, you will be sent a password to your email on Tuesday and be invited to play in the weekly 24 hr final. The winner of the 24 hr final each week will be awarded a free slot download of their choice. Please see the link below for rules regarding our 24 hr tournaments.

6 Hr Special Tournament- Each day we will have a special daily 6 hr tournament posted. These tournaments will have a variety of prizes available. Our pit boss on duty can tell you what the daily special tournament is for, or you can view our Monthly Calendar of Events. Please see the rules below regarding our slot giveaway tournaments.

Texas Hold Em Bounty Tournament- Every month or two we will host a Texas Hold Em Bounty Tournament. This tournament is open to the first 50 players who enter it once we announce the password. The tournament is usually held the last Sunday of the month. During these bounty tournaments, you will receive a special 'bounty' for each of our staff members you eliminate. The winner will also receive a special prize.

Jackrabbit Jackpots - This will be a series of eight 3 minute tournaments set throughout the day. All players who ‘place’ in these 8 tourneys will be eligible for the 12 hr Jackrabbit FINAL tourney which starts the next morning at 10 am CST. Winner of the final, will receive a ‘prize pack’ consisting of 10 golden tickets, 10 tourney coins, 10 quest coins, 5 citrines, 5 rubys, 5 emeralds and 5 sapphires. All players who place in the final will receive 10 golden tickets. The password for the final is NOT emailed to the qualifiers, you must get it from the pit boss on duty. A list of all qualified players will be posted to the Phantom forum.

We have a variation of these that awards prizes for the top three players in each one, rather than have a final the next day. There is only ONE win allowed PER ACCOUNT in these tourneys.

Manic Mondays - These tournaments will feature a series of eight, 5 minute long tournaments throughout the day. The top three finishers in each tournament will receive their choice of quest coins, tournament coins, golden tickets or diamonds!! Winners will be notified by email the next day and will be sent a list of items to choose from for their prize. Only ONE player name per person can win a prize.

Freaky Fridays - These tournaments will run from 5-11 pm CST. All players who place in the “Odd” Numbers in the money standings will receive bonus Tourney Coins!! Winner will receive 300 Tourney Coins!

Level Me Up Day!- These tournaments will award the winner 10,000 Slot Experience points to help them increase their levels. All players who place in the money will receive 1000 experience points.

Gem Quest Tournaments - These tournaments will begin at 5 pm CST and run for 6 hours. All players who place ‘in the money’ will have bonus tournament coins added. Winner will receive a Gem Pack, consisting of 5 citrines, 5 rubys, 5 emeralds and 5 sapphires.

Showers of Potions Tournaments - These Tournaments will run for six hours beginning at 5 pm CST. The top five winners of the tournament will win choice of several potions in the dollar store!! Winners will be sent an email the following day to choose their prize.

Sizzling VIP’s - These tournaments will have DOUBLE VIP earned during the specified times.

WMS Wednesdays - These are special tournaments in which you may win a WMS slot release. The same rules apply to these that apply to regular slot giveaways. You may only win ONE slot download of any kind during a 30 day period. The newest WMS slot will not be included in this giveaway.

Each month there may also be special holiday tournaments posted, so please check the schedule for those. Note that all types of tournaments are not available every month. Each month may host only certain types of tournaments. In addition, we are always creating new types of tournaments for your enjoyment.

If you have any questions regarding our tournament schedule, please see the pit boss on duty and they can assist you.

During special holidays, we will also host special tournaments. The best way of keeping up with these tournaments is to bookmark our Calendar of Events.

Slot Giveaways

Some of our special tournaments may offer slot downloads as a prize to the winner. You may only win ONE slot download of any kind (subscriber, remaster, WMS) during a 30 day period.

If you have won a free slot in the previous 30 days, and win a slot download tournament, the free slot will be awarded to the next eligible player in the standings, and you will receive whatever secondary prize was offered in the tournament.

If you win a slot download and have all of the slots, you will be awarded a secondary prize of 1000 quest coins, 1000 tournament coins and 1000 diamonds.

If you win a slot download tournament and have all of the slots, the slot will be awarded to the next eligible player in the standings.

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