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Default New Games and coupons

My wife and I are supposed to be receiving a coupon for subscribing to another year of downloads. How and when can we apply this to the new games so we can receive both together? We normally purchase both together and receive the free shipping. Is there a way to do this with the coupon? Is there a date yet as to when they will be released?
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posted by bryan yesterday

If you are getting the games for free due to an Annual Subscription, you will want to wait until you get your coupon codes sent to you via email. Then if you want digital download copies, you will need to wait until they are put up on the store (the day the game is released) and then purchase the games with your codes.

If you want to have boxed copies of the game and you are using your free promo codes, once you receive the codes you will be able to use them to pre-order the games. If you choose the boxed copies instead of digital downloads, you will need to pay the shipping costs.
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